June 30th is Assets 65th Anniversary Day

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Tyler Lee presents Mayor Blangiardi with a laser cut ALOHA sign that he made in the Design Studio. Click on the image to view the events' highlights video.

Assets School’s Board Chair Kitty Yannone and Head of School Ryan Masa were presented with a Proclamation on June 30th by the Honorable Mayor Rick Blangiardi outside of Honolulu Hale before a group of Trustees (Russell Lau, Robert “Bub” Wo, Jean Hamakawa, Jill MacMillan), Assets’ leadership team, faculty, alumni, parents, students, and friends. Mayor Blangiardi designated this day as “Assets School 65th Anniversary Day to recognize the creativity, enthusiasm, and initiative of the Assets School students, parents, teachers, faculty and staff for inspiring greater learning and achievement.” 

"This is very special to me,” said Honolulu Mayor Rick Blangiardi. “First and foremost, I have been very aware of Assets over the years. I have had the opportunity to employ people who sent their children to Assets. Some moved to Hawaii just to go to Assets. It is a treasure for our community from the standpoint these are kids who learn differently then go on to do incredible things. It is the power of teaching and the people who recognize these needs. They all have my greatest appreciation and respect for all their hard work.  I am very proud to provide a Proclamation celebrating 65 years of great teaching and great learning." 

Assets School was founded by Max Templeman and military families for students who struggled in a traditional class setting. Through the years, Assets broadened its mission to include children who are gifted. As a not-for-profit school that started out educating just a handful of students, Assets now serves more than 300 students Kindergarten through 12th grade annually. Assets provides a college-preparatory education in a nurturing environment with an average ratio of 8 students to 1 teacher.

 “We are grateful to Mayor Blangiardi for recognizing the importance of Assets School and the outstanding curriculum the school provides for its students,” said Kitty Yannone, Assets School’s Board Chair. “One in five individuals has a learning difference; therefore, it is imperative that an Assets education is always an option for our keiki.”

The Proclamation also recognizes Assets School’s partnership with Kamehameha Schools to provide an opportunity for Native Hawaiian children who need the specialized education Assets offers. Kamehameha Schools reduces the financial barriers for many Native Hawaiian children annually. All Assets students in need of financial aid can apply for assistance.

Assets 8th grade student Tyler Lee laser cut an “Aloha” sign in maple wood and presented it to Mayor Blangiardi as a token of appreciation for recognizing the school. Assets’ first and second graders also created a beautiful drawing depicting the sunflower garden, birds and rainbows often seen from the playground at the Assets K-8 campus.

“We are thankful for Mayor Blangiardi’s Proclamation and appreciate his understanding of the life-changing work our faculty does daily to help children who learn differently succeed in life,” said Ryan Masa, Head of School. “It is often hard for families to understand the journey of a student who is gifted, dyslexic, or learns differently. We teach our children to advocate for themselves and to embrace their gift. We are grateful to be serving our community for 65 years and appreciate the leaders before us to help us reach this special time in our school’s history.”

The ceremony was limited to 25 guests. We were happy to share this special day with some of our Trustees, Assets Assistant Head of School and Director of Admissions Sandi Tadaki, Assets High School Principal Nikki Hamai Sakai, Assets Vice President of Advancement Linda Jameson Myers, retired Academy of the Pacific Head of School Dorothy Douthit, retired Assets Head of School Paul Singer; Assets students Kennedy Bhattacharyya ’26, Bailey Bhattacharyya ’26, Tyler Lee ’26, and Braden Lee ’28; Assets Alumni Jupiter Silva ’21, and Zander Waller ’21; and parents, Beth Waller, Allyson Silva, and Alison Bhattacharyya.