Hawaii News Now Sunrise team hosts journalism mentorship students for newsroom tour

The Hawaii News Now Sunrise Morning show graciously hosted the High School journalism mentorship students for a tour of the newsroom and TV station on February 8.

The students watched the Sunrise Morning show live in the control room where the producers, and directors worked. They also got to watch the newscast from the studio where they saw news anchor Steve Uehara read the teleprompter, and Guy Hagi give his weather report. They watched the last part of the newscast where the news anchors sat on the couch from a second studio. 

Sunrise newcasters Steve Uehara, Guy Hagi, Grace Lee, Lacy Deniz, and Jonathan Masaki answered questions. Questions students asked included how long have you been working with the TV station, how did you get started, and what time do you wake up?

The students got to take a photo with the newscasters on set.