Congratulations To Aviation Pathway Scholars Jordan ‘24 And Stephany ‘24

Congratulations to Jordan '24 and Stephany '24 for being selected for a $10,000 Ray Foundation grant to attend the Aviation Pathways program at the Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum. Since November, they have been among the 20 students working toward their private pilot licenses. 

"Both of them made a strong impression at their in-person interview," said Aviation Pathways Senior Manager Rojo "Padre" Herrera. "Their answers were thoughtful and well-spoken, and they showed their personality."

Herrera said their growth is precisely what the donor for this grant, the Ray Foundation, specifically hoped to achieve.

Assets student Jordan '24 with certified flight instructor is Angelo Khan.

Above: Under the guidance of certified flight instructor Angelo Khan (left), Jordan '24 completed his first solo flight in a Cessna 150.

Jordan expressed his excitement during the program on March 13 when he achieved his milestone of a first solo flight on a Cessna 150.
"It felt very fun and exciting to be up in the air flying by myself," said Jordan, who trains at Barbers Point Aviation. "It was like a weight lifted off my shoulders. I didn't realize how fun it would be until I landed a plane by myself for the first time!"
Jordan will pursue the aviation pilot program at Colorado Mesa University. He hopes to become a Hawaiian Airlines pilot. 

Jordan has been on small planes since childhood, so being on an aircraft is nothing new.

"My dad hires a pilot each summer to spotfish for our fishing vessel," he explained. "I have been able to go up with him and learn what he does. I found it fun and exciting. We also travel a lot, so I have been in the air a lot of my life."
Jordan is also on the Assets basketball and volleyball teams.

Since joining the program, Stephany has piloted a Cessna 150 plane with an instructor multiple times.

"Flying is exhilarating," Stephany remarked. "I aim to fly once or twice weekly, in addition to regular simulator sessions. Despite being new to flight training, I'm enamored by it! there's an abundance to learn and endless growth potential." With aspirations to attend Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University at the Prescott, Arizona campus in the fall, Stephany is determined to pursue her dream of becoming an airline pilot. 

Stephany spearheaded an "Aviation at Assets" panel discussion at Damon Hall for students interested in learning more about aviation careers on March 15. 

Assets student Stephany '24 with the aviation panel

Photo above: Stephany with the "Aviation at Assets" panel from left: Retired Air Force Col. Vic Bonfiglio, Aviation Pathways Senior Manager Rojo "Padre" Herrera, Honolulu ACE Academy Director Tom Witts, and Federal Aviation Administration Honolulu Control Facility Air Traffic Support Specialist Neil Okuna.