Assets snack shop opens twice a day

Assets High School has a small snack shop that is open to the students twice a day from Monday - Friday. The snack shop is a place where students are able to buy a wide variety of small meals or snacks if needed.

"The most popular items are Instant noodles, hot pockets, and drinks," said Dean of Student Life and Mentorship Coordinator Jason Wagner, who is one of several staffers that run the snack shop with the help of students. 

Students and staff can buy chips, cookies, Pop-Tarts,Twinkies, Uncrustables, pastries, ice cream, fruit cups, popcorn and other snacks. There are two microwaves available to use near the snack shop.

It's very convenient for some people because not everyone has time to bring or pack their own food or snacks. The prices are also fairly priced so students don't spend an extraordinary amount of money.

While the snack shop is relatively popular with the students, students have also pointed out different problems. For example, students who don’t bring or forget to bring cash are simply left without any options. Additionally, students have requested for more variety in the snack shop, as well as specific items, with the most popular being musubis. However, as things currently stand in the snack shop, such requests for school-made food may be hard to meet due to food safety regulations. 

The snack shop opens twice a day, Monday to Friday.

Photo by Nicholas '23.

As a result, this brings in fewer customers and leaves certain students out. In a survey the Assets Journalism Team sent out in September 2022, the team found out that about 32% of students who aren’t customers of the snack shop don’t buy items because they don’t bring cash or aren't given allowances or money. This leaves some kids out from being able to buy drinks or snacks. Some kids have never bought anything or visited the snack shop because of this issue. This leads to about 35% of students not buying anything from the snack shop.

Perhaps one way to resolve the cash problem would be by letting students pay in advance, with a prepaid account. This would allow students to buy from the snack shop without the worry of not bringing enough cash or not bringing any at all. While difficult, the school could also consider allowing for such payments as Apple Pay, Venmo, or credit cards. This would provide a unique and easy to use method of payment for students.

While bringing musubis to the snack shop may be difficult due to food safety regulations, another popular request includes an additional variety of ice cream, which students have colloquially requested as “that ice cream in a cup.” This could be added to the snack shop without the worry of food safety regulations, while also appealing to a portion of the student body.The snack shop opened in 2021 after Chef Steve Noschese retired. Chef Steve used to make lunches from the kitchen in Damon Hall.