Annual Fund Chair Kent Lau Shares His Journey with Assets

The Annual Fund is the perfect way to give back and help those students who need to be at Assets stay at Assets and benefit from what may be a life-changing opportunity but are unable to cover all of the tuition. One hundred percent of the funds raised from Assets’ annual Illumination event supports tuition assistance so you have the satisfaction of knowing that you are truly helping to make a difference in someone’s life.

Assets is a relatively small school in terms of student body and alumni, but there is no other school here like it or that can do what it does. In addition to tuition assistance, there is always an ongoing need for a school to expand and improve its facilities to serve its students better and give its teachers the tools they should have. Being much smaller than for example, Punahou or Iolani, it also does not have access to the kind of endowment they have, so every little bit raised is that much more critical.

Gwen and I have a special place in our hearts for Assets because our son Jared attended Assets from the 3rd grade and we know firsthand what a difference it has made in his and our lives. Before hearing about Assets we were extremely concerned about our son and what the future held for him. He was spending more and more time in the principal’s office than in the classroom.  It was a very anxious time as a parent. Most schools that are not prepared for students like Jared just want to pretend they don’t exist and send them to the “office” or find some type of “punishment”.  

Fortunately for us, a new principal at the school Jared was attending recognized the situation and asked if we had heard about Assets School. She said, “to be honest if he stays here another year he is going to waste the entire year spending it in my office because the teachers here are just not equipped.” That pretty much summed it up. We took her advice and scheduled an interview with Assets hoping for the best.  Then we met Admissions Director/Assistant Head of School Sandi Tadaki. From the very first time she met our son it was like she understood everything about him. That was huge. We were so relieved when we were told he was accepted to Assets School. He was blessed with so many wonderful teachers and a nourishing environment. We’ve watched him grow and pursue things that he is passionate about. We are so grateful for Assets. Sometimes we wonder where he would be if that principal did not ask us if we had heard about Assets School.

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