All three of our Assets Robotics teams qualified for the state championship tournaments

All three of our Assets Robotics teams qualified for the state championship tournaments

All three of our Assets Robotics teams qualified for the state championship tournaments.


Congratulations to our two High School Robotics Teams! Team Waffles and Team MEAF will be competing at the State Championship on Jan.14 at Le Jardin Academy.

Going into the State Championship, Team Waffles and Team MEAF are in the top five teams in the state according to

"I think that both of our teams have worked hard to be in the position we are in now," said Emily '25. "I hope the we can place high or win in the state championship This season was really fun! Learning from our senior members and experiencing in-person competitions has all been great accomplishments that our team was proud to be a part of. The best part of being in robotics was learning about building, coding and having fun with the team throughout the season." 

On Saturday, Dec. 3, our two High School teams participated in the Hawaii FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) League Tournament held at Le Jardin Academy in order to qualify for the state championship. Congratulations to our Team Waffles for winning the Innovate Award at the FTC  League Tournament.

Coach Peter Han said, “This is the fourth trophy brought back home by this team throughout the past five years.”

Kudos go to Team MEAF for winning all their games. They placed second in the Dec. 10th tournament out of 30 other teams!

Coach Peter Han, and Coach Miles Yamamoto lead the High School robotics teams. Team Waffles started in 2018. Team Waffles has a tradition of eating waffles before their meets. Originally, Waffles stood for “We’re All Friends, Friends who Love Each other, Sometimes.”

Due to so many students wanting to be part of robotics, Team MEAF started in 2020 in the midst of the pandemic. MEAF stands for Metal Engineering Assets Flamingos.

The High School Robotics Team will be part of The FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) in January. Students from both Team Waffles, Team MEAF and new team members will be a part of this.  This is something new from what the teams do now which is called Hawaii FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) League.


Congratulations to our K-8 Robotics Team, The Electric Admirals! They competed in the Hawaii FIRST Robotics Lego League state championship tournament at the Neal Blaisdell Exhibition Hall on Saturday, Dec. 3.

The Electric Admirals tied for 19th place out of 49 teams under the guidance of Robotics Advisor and Class 71 Second-Teacher, Mr. Connor. The team consists of fifth to eighth grade students. 

For the team's robot design presentation, they got a higher score than when they presented last month. In the robot competition, they scored higher than they've scored all season.

The K-8 Robotics Team was started in 2021 by Robotics Coach and Class 98 Lead Teacher Emi Hagiwara. It was her experience in New York with Lego robotics that inspired her desire to start the team. The team met four times a week during enrichments where they worked with LEGO EV3 robotics kits.  Due to COVID, they did not go to district competitions. Robotics Coach Peter Han and some of his robotics students helped out the younger team a couple of times. The K-8 Robotics team participated in the State Championship at UH Manoa in Feb. 2022. 

Ms. Hagiwara now teaches Japanese and math at the High School.

Mr. Connor has taken the lead in robotics at K-8. The robotics is an enrichment class offered to fifth- to eighth-graders. This is the second year it has been offered as an enrichment. 

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