Annual Fund

Assets is an exceptional school for exceptional students.  We are the only school in Hawaii that teaches specifically to students with language-based learning differences and gifted students needing a unique learning environment. At Assets, we celebrate differences!  We know that differences point to brilliance.  They point to strength.  They point to creativity, to passion, and to success.  We know that great minds don’t think or learn alike.

Like most independent schools, tuition covers only a percentage of the cost of an Assets education, with the remaining support coming from contributions.  But unlike most independent schools, Assets is not a luxury, it is a necessity. Without Assets, students with learning differences struggle, their families struggle, and their potential often remains locked and untapped.

Please help our students discover their inner brilliance in an environment that understands and treasures their differences. Your gift ensures that Assets continues to be a place where students with great minds who think differently find joy, belonging, and develop their talents to benefit society in previously unimagined ways.

By making a gift today, you help transform the lives of our students and families, and in turn, strengthen the community we share.


Thank you for your donation!

Transforming Students' Lives