From the first day that our son, Derrick, attended the Ke Kula Pa`ani Summer Camp, we knew that we had found a great place for him. He jumped in the car at the end of the first day and exclaimed, “Mom! Today was the BEST. DAY. EVER!!! I can’t wait to go back tomorrow.”

Summer camp is packed with a variety of fun activities for the kids to give them a really well-rounded day. Each day follows a similar schedule for consistency but with an ever-changing lineup of things for the kids to do. Derrick has a lot of energy and can easily get distracted or lose focus, but the days are structured to keep the kids engaged and active all day long. Derrick enjoys all of the time spent outdoors, the many fun games that they play, and he always mentions that “they serve the best snacks!”. Derrick’s favorite parts of each week are the weekly excursion or on-site guests (visiting field trips) and water play on Fridays.

Not only do the children have a ton of fun while at camp but Coach B and his team use teachable moments throughout each day to help the kids build character.  Nurturing positive relationships with peers and camp leaders through kindness, empathy, and trustworthiness is always encouraged so everyone can have the best experience 
together. They teach the older children to be good role models for the younger ones and make it clear what type of behavior is expected of everyone to be an upstanding member of their camp community. Derrick says that he hopes he has what it takes to become a junior leader for summer camp when he gets older.

The camp offers options to attend full day or half-day in conjunction with summer school classes which work out seamlessly. The complimentary extended care that they offer from 4:00 to 5:30 pm is also extremely helpful. Many summer programs end at noon or in the early afternoon which makes it challenging for working parents. My husband and I are able to put in a full day of work with the peace of mind that our son is in great hands and having a blast. It is fulfilling to pick him up at the end of the day and see that he is spent and content! Mahalo Coach B and team for putting on an awesome summer camp.  ~ Kent & Lisa Izuka

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