Registration for K-8 Summer Programs is now closed. 

Summer Session Distance Learning
In light of current events, the safety of our students is our most important concern; therefore we will continue to offer Distance Learning opportunities for the month of July.  Details for Session 2 are included below. 
1:1 tutorials will focus on teaching students the skills and strategies to master the challenges of the written word and mathematics.  Each child will receive individualized, multi-sensory instruction designed specifically to deliver what he or she needs to bridge the gaps in their learning.  The learning goal will be determined prior to the sessions, and instruction will be customized to strengthen the student’s abilities in decoding, reading fluency, comprehension, written expression, or math.  45-minute sessions will build upon previous instruction and data from the student’s profile.  A school iPad will be administered to each enrolled student.

Enrichments are a key component to our K-8 program, and for many students, it marks the highlight of their day.  Therefore, it seemed essential that we offer it regardless of our distance.  The purpose of our Enrichment courses is to help students find their interests and develop their talents.  Courses will include synchronous and asynchronous learning opportunities and may include opportunities for family participation.  A school iPad will be administered to each enrolled student.   There is a minimum of 6 students per enrichment class. 

1:1 Tutorials (8 a.m. - 12 p.m.)

Summer Enrichments (1 p.m. - 2 p.m.)