Assets School ‘Ohana Supports Maui Wildfire Victims

Assets School ‘Ohana Supports Maui Wildfire Victims

Matthew '28 and Rowan '29 announced the coin drive at the Friday K-8 Assembly.

     In the heart of Assets School, a tight-knit community on Oahu, a wildfire tragedy unfolding miles away on the island of Maui ignited an outpouring of compassion and support. As news of the devastating wildfire reached our peaceful campus, the students and staff rallied to lend a helping hand to neighbors in need.
    The initiatives were from both our K-8 and High School campuses. The K-8 Assets News Now team launched a spare coin drive to raise funds for the Maui Strong Fund, resulting in $700. Kudos go to Matthew '28 and Rowan '29 for leading the charge. It wasn't just about money; it was a tangible symbol of their collective desire to make a difference. Another school outreach was our alumna and K-8 Art teacher, Christin Fox, who asked students to paint hearts. The hearts then formed the picturesque island of Maui on a collaborative mural with a message saying, "Our Hearts Are with You." As students and visitors passed the installation, they couldn't help but feel a deep connection to those suffering so far away.

Stephany '24 transported two tortoises and a bird on Maui.

     Teacher Rebecca Skramstad's adult hockey league at the Kapolei Inline Hockey Arenas (KIHA) scored significant points off the ice. They donated $2,500 to the Maui Strong Fund and $500 to the Hawaii Animal Relief Fund. 
     At the high school, Stephany '24 traveled to Maui to participate in a pet rescue effort alongside the Aloha Animal Hospital Associates, working to assist the Maui Humane Society.
     "We were locked out of the burn zone," said Stephany 24." Instead of going into the burn zone as planned, I helped transport anything animals needed, such as drugs, food, water, etc., along with tents, tables, and other essentials for the Humane Society booth. There were two stations set up at Napili Plaza and Lahaina Gateway. I also helped a local doctor transport two tortoises and a bird."
     Stephany's compassion and determination shone brightly, showing that the spirit of giving knows no bounds.
     High School students and staff channeled their creativity into yet another heartfelt project. Tori '26, Abby '26, Ava '24, Maile '26, Bailey '26, Nohealani '27, College Counselor Farris James, and Science Teacher Karlee Eugenio are just some of the people who crafted handmade cards filled with messages of gratitude, love and hope to send to the brave first responders battling the raging wildfire in Maui. It was a small gesture with immense significance, reminding these heroes that they were not alone in their fight against the flames. This initiative, aptly named the "Sunshine Project," illuminated the hearts of the students and the recipients of their thoughtful gestures.
     Their contribution was a testament to the empathy throughout the Assets School community. It was a poignant reminder that bonds of kindness and compassion could bridge any gap, even when faced with distance and adversity.
     Through their spare coin drive, heartfelt art collaborative mural, hands-on rescue efforts, thoughtful cards, and generous donations, the Assets School community proved that distance could not dampen our compassion. Their actions were a beacon of hope for the wildfire-stricken residents of Maui, a reminder that, even in the face of tragedy, there are always friends near and far who are ready to lend a hand and share the burden of suffering. The hearts of Assets School were indeed with the victims of the Maui wildfire, and their support sent a message that would resonate far beyond the borders of their campus: You are not alone. We are here for you.


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