Mahea Nakamura

A team of three high school students, with oversight from their Assets robotics teacher Mr. Peter Han, has been designing a food delivery robot since June. This student-led project was masterminded by Owen Burke '22, Chris Noon '22 and William Wong III '22 and was delivered on Tuesday to The Queen’s Medical Center.

 “This isn't just a robot,” said Mr. Han. “This is a lesson in humility, hard work, and collaboration. I'm extremely happy for this project to happen and that we do what we can as STEM learners to contribute to our local community.”

The Queen’s Health Systems CEO Dr. Jill Hoggard Green applauded the students’ efforts: “To bring the robot to where you did shows such intelligence, such creativity, and the tenacity--the ability to stick with something that is difficult. When I look to our future leaders, our future physicians, nurses, our technologists, our IT experts, our engineers that build the technology that keeps people well, it is exactly what you did which will make you the great new leaders of the future.” 

Assets Head of School Ryan Masa expressed the school’s gratefulness and said: “We cannot thank The Queen’s Health Systems leadership team enough for this generous donation. We appreciate the good work that The Queen’s Medical Center and all frontline medical professionals are doing to keep our community safe and healthy. I am so proud of Owen, Chris, and William. Their project represents what makes Assets such an incredible school community - creative students, authentic experiences, individualized learning, developing your strengths and using them to imagine a better future.”    

As a surprise finale, Dr. Hoggard Green presented the students with a donation of $5,000 to our robotics program on behalf of The Queen’s Health Systems.

We are humbled by The Queen’s Health Systems’ generosity and honored by the leadership team’s expression of gratitude. We are grateful for the continued support of our faculty and families. We are inspired by our students’ initiative, their utilization of critical thinking skills to power through this project and the ingenuity that led to this amazing creation!

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