Assets Teacher Training & Outreach Program

Assets Teacher Training and Outreach Program (ATTOP) reaches into communities around the state, and even around the world, to collaborate and build partnerships that celebrate and support students who learn differently. We empower teachers and families by sharing strategies and skills to help these students learn and thrive.

We do it by opening those windows and helping teachers and families better understand these children — through simulations, workshops, and hands-on activities.

What’s it like when the symbols for letters don't translate in a meaningful and fluent manner?
What does over-whelmed feel like for your child?
What’s it like to remember everything you’ve heard and nothing you’ve read?

ATTOP workshops demystify these students and their learning differences.

  • Educators gain strategies and teaching programs that enable them to connect with these students and integrate them into classrooms effectively.
  • Families learn to better understand the world as their children see it, and then create tools that can help them and their children navigate that world confidently and productively.

There are no easy answers. But there are strategies and solutions. 

ATTOP’s mission is to share our knowledge with families and schools across the state and wherever we can help. For more information, please contact our Director of Professional Development & Outreach, Darlene Robertson.

Darlene holding a book
Copy over mason jars filled with colored pencils.