Lower School Athletics (4-8)

Ten middle school boys in basketball uniforms and their coach standing in two lines.

Assets participates as a secular school in the Christian Athletic League (CSAL) for grades 4-6 and the Pac-5 consortium of schools in the Interscholastic League of Honolulu (ILH) for grades 7-12. 

CSAL provides schools an opportunity for 4th-6th grade students to begin to learn and develop fundamental skills of the game and compete against other private schools. The objective of CSAL is to foster an appreciation for team sports and the camaraderie, sportsmanship and fun inherent in participation. The emphasis is on participation and allowing each member of the team to experience playing time. While scores are recorded during the game, win-loss records will not be published and a league champion will not be determined. Practices are held close to campus and there is a one-time participation fee of $50.

ILH is an education based activities organization with a membership of 22 independent schools that participate in a variety of sports on the intermediate, junior varsity, and varsity levels for student athletes between 7th-12th grade. Athletes are assessed a one-time fee of $250, will be bused to practice, and must find their own way home.