Honor, respect, responsibility, commitment, preparation, teamwork
and sportsmanship are all lessons strengthened through
Assets’ athletic program.

Our student-athletes broaden their education through an assortment of team and individual sports, where they experience a sense of togetherness developed through the lifelong relationships with teammates, opponents and coaches. Once students decide to participate, they make a choice of self-discipline that comes with an expectation to maintain their academic standing as well as their standing on the field.

Girl athletes posed in two rows behind copy.

In large team sports like football, baseball and soccer, Assets participates by banding together with other small private schools through our PAC-Five affiliation. Even Assets' younger students are participating, with our 4th-6th grade students competing in the Christian School Athletic League (CSAL) in boys and girls basketball and volleyball, as well as a single day cross country event. 

In the spirit of competition, all Assets’ student-athletes
strive to reach their athletic peak.