Visionary Leader: Mitchell Matias '08

Visionary Leader: Mitchell Matias '08

Assets Alumnus Excels in Family Business

We caught up with Mitchell Matias ’08 to learn more about what it is like to work in the family business, O&E Matias Electrical Service, LLC,  and find out how Assets School impacted his life.

When did you graduate from Assets School?
I graduated from Assets School in 2008.

How long did you attend Assets School?
I attended Assets since the second grade.

After Assets, what school(s) did you go to? 
After graduating from Assets, I got my Associates Degree from Leeward Community College. Then I attended Wayland Baptist University and graduated in 2014 with my Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management.

Since graduating from Assets School, what have you been up to?
After graduating from Assets and getting my college degrees, I then went back to school to obtain my Electrical Journeyman license. I have since been working in my family business as a licensed electrician and Project Manager. 

Mitchell and his 'ohana

What’s the most exciting or surprising thing that has happened to you  recently? 
Raising a 2-year-old has been the most exciting thing that has been happening in my life.

Where do you work now, and what do you do?
I currently work for my family’s business at O&E Matias Electrical Service, LLC and have been working there since 2010. I grew up working with my dad so it was naturally fitting for me to continue the family legacy. My favorite part of my job is being able to meet new people/customers while assisting them with their electrical needs. 

What inspired you to get into your current job? 
Since I was a kid, I always found interest in fixing, building, and connecting
with people. At my job that’s what I do every day. I’m always there to help others, solve a problem or help a find a solution to a problem that only an electrician would be able to fix. 

What is it like working in a business that your grandfather started?
My grandpa started the company in 1979. Since then we have grown from a one-man operation to now having about 20 employees. It’s great working with family, from my dad to my wife and even to my aunties.

Describe what a day is like working in the family business.
We usually have early morning meets before the day is started. After that I am on the road most of the day doing site visits, meeting customers, conducting estimates, and picking up and delivering various materials to multiple job sites. After most of my field work is finished, I end the day in office working on estimates, answering emails, talking to vendors and scheduling for the next day. 

Mitchell in the 2008 yearbook!

How did Assets School prepare you for your career?
Assets was great in helping me with my organization and communication skills. Being dyslexic, I always thought that if I didn’t understand or comprehend something quick enough then I was behind. Getting individual attention at Assets has
taught me to work at a pace that would be maintainable for me.

The mentorship program at Assets was a key factor to helping me develop my communication skill. Being an electrician, I am always talking others about complex situations or problems that would be hard to understand without a background in electrical. I did my mentorship at the Waikiki Aquarium where I got to work on my communication skills. I am now able to break down complex ideas into simple ones that are easier for someone to understand

What are some of your favorite memories of Assets School?
One of the greatest memories I have at Assets is doing a play at the Paliku Theater with a few of my classmates. Some I still call friends to this very day. It was a production of the Brothers Grim Spectacular.  We had to play multiple characters because there was only five of us in the whole play.

What do you enjoy best about the alumni luncheons in December?
Unfortunately, I was unable to attend this past luncheon. In the previous luncheons that I’ve attended, my favorite part was getting to see classmates that I lost contact with and talking to teachers who impacted me during high school. 

What do you like to do for fun?
My favorite thing to do is to spend time with my family. Work can get busy but I always make it a priority to put my family first. I love watching my, almost 3-year-old, son grow up and experience new things.

What’s next for you personally or professionally?
I’m not sure what’s next for me professionally but I’m looking forward to developing my electrical and project managing skills. Personally, we’re hoping to grow our family and travel more. 

Mitch's sister Melissa graduated from Assets in 2018, and his sister Abigail is Class of 2026.


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Visionary Leader: Mitchell Matias '08

We caught up with Mitchell Matias ’08 to learn more about what it is like to work in the family business, O&E Matias Electrical Service, LLC,  and find out how Assets School impacted his life.