Financial Aid & Scholarships

Financial Aid is a priority because of students like Rowan '33.  His mom shares her gratitude for tuition assistance.

Our school is very fortunate to have funds contributed each year for tuition from foundations, corporations and individual donors who care deeply about our students and support our mission. 
We encourage all families who feel they may qualify to apply. 
Over $975,250 was appropriated to families for the current school year. This represents 109 students (33%), with an average award of $9,800 per family.

Assets uses FACTS to determine a family’s ability to pay tuition. The committee considers total income, expenses, assets, liabilities and number of dependents in its analysis of a family’s ability to finance their child’s education. Grants are awarded annually and renewable each year.  Note: An application for admission must be completed before the  financial application will be considered.

Financial Assistance applications are accepted until funds are no longer available, and are appropriated in 3 rounds:
Round 1 is intended for students who are returning to Assets School.
Rounds 2 and 3 are for new students and for returning students who missed the Round 1 deadline.


Round 1 Deadline:  March 13th             Notification of decision via mail:  Late April
Round 2 Deadline:  May 15th               Notification of decision via mail:  Late June
Round 3 Deadline:  June 11th             Notification of decision via mail:  Late July
We will continue to accept applications after the deadline until all funds for the year have been appropriated.

How to Apply

Frequently Asked Questions