Being different isn’t a bad thing.

Assets is what a school should be...
A place where every child learns differently and those differences are celebrated.
A place that’s student-centric, where students’ strengths define their education.
A place where students are accepted and affirmed.

Bright kids who learn differently often don’t fit the mold.

Assets kids are often dyslexic, gifted, twice exceptional, or have other language-based learning differences. They may excel in one area while struggling to read and take notes. At Assets, these students learn to trust again, to build relationships with teachers and trust that they are understood, that they fit in.

We provide intensive academic remediation, acceleration, and enrichment.

At Assets, your child learns to trust again, to build relationships with teachers and have faith that they are understood, that they fit in. 

Parents know.
  • They see their happy, bright child return home after school unhappy and angry.
  • Your child hides in the bathroom to do homework and lies about reading (often memorizing instead).
  • Little flags indicate that school is not going “the way it should,” and your child seems to be dejected, frustrated, or defeated a bit more each day by a system that seems to work for other kids.
  • Your child has no stars on their classroom reading chart.
  • School seems to be crushing your child’s once bright spirit.

If your child is struggling and you’re concerned, Assets might be right for you. Let’s talk.

Maybe we can help you find a path that’s right for
your child and your family.

Learn more about all the amazing things happening at Assets School. Our show features co-hosts McKenna Maduli and Steve Uyehara with special appearances by Moani Hara '08, music by Grammy nominee Henry Kapono and Kapono Wong '20. 

"Assets School had an enormous impact on me as a teacher; my time there taught me that learning looks differently for all people and that great pedagogy not only takes difference into account, but celebrates it."

-Hiʻilei Julia Kawehipuaakahaopulani Hobart
Assets School graduate Class of 1999
Yale University Assistant Professor of Native and Indigenous Studies