We get it. Your bright, capable child hasn’t always felt safe at school. She’s been recognized for what she’s not good at. He’s gotten too much attention for behavior and not enough for the stuff he loves. They come home drained, frustrated, and angry.
We change that. We create a place for kids to be who they are. Assets is what school should be. We give kids a place to thrive.
Classroom building and wooden play structure.

Kids with learning differences don’t fit into a traditional mold. They are unique and creative and curious in a million different ways. We recognize and celebrate who your child is — right here, right now.

We understand that learning is a vulnerable thing. Figuring stuff out is hard, and we all do it differently, at different speeds, using different tools. We work with each student individually, getting to know how they think, what makes them tick, and what lights them up.
We know them — their favorite color, favorite snack, favorite story. We know what’s too much, too loud, too overwhelming. We know when they need a break. We know when the magic happens and they light up in excitement — and we celebrate with them.
We also know the challenges. Nurturing a child who’s having trouble at school is a different journey, one with challenges and stress for the entire family. We work to change that, to inspire and encourage your child to work from his strengths and his inspiration, to go home in the afternoon proud of what he’s done and excited to return tomorrow.
Our integrated and thematic curriculum opens doors so students learn naturally in ways that work for them, incorporating arts into their core subjects and field work to illustrate tangible results.
Our enrichment program’s menu of options is as broad as your child’s imagination — from rocketry to cooking, free drawing to collage work, yoga to 3D printing, robotics to Lego creations. Our students end their day with the enrichment they’ve chosen, getting a chance to do what they love and work in their area of strength or interest. They go home every day knowing they are a strong, capable, confident learner.

Our students are gifted, twice exceptional, dyslexic, or have diagnoses like ADHD. Assets is the best school in the state, and perhaps the nation, for kids with these learning differences. School shouldn’t be scary. At Assets, it isn’t.