Flex Program

At Assets, all classrooms include differentiation, personalization, and some degree of individualizing by meeting students where they are; the Flex program opens up 100% individualization to curricula, content, time and space.

Flex is one of many components of our highly differentiated practices. The program was built over many hours working with twice-exceptional (2e) students, eight years of individualized work within the content courses, plus graduation action research on the methodology. 

The Flex program finds a way to balance challenge and support for all learners to catalyze individualized learning. The program stretches traditional notions of time and space in a school setting, as some students leave campus to work on projects, meet with experts, or head to college classes a couple of days a week, using their days in the classroom to do the necessary work, plus homework as needed to stay on track. 

Students regularly meet one-on-one with the supporting teacher, reflecting upon and self-assessing their work, and are continuously reaching toward what is next in their learning. Because when students drive learning, they can do so much more.

Learn more from Assets Flex Program Lead, Susannah Johnson, M.Ed.