Welcome to the Assets School College and Career corner! 

At Assets, planning for life after High School is an integral part of our High school curriculum. We serve bright students with neurodiversity, with a focus on gifted and/ or dyslexic students.  Each student’s learning profile is unique, and our postsecondary planning process is customized to meet each student’s needs.

All students at Assets High School are given the opportunity to explore a variety of postsecondary options, and the majority of our graduates attend a four-year college immediately after graduation. Alumni attend engineering colleges, two-year community colleges, and trade or art focused institutions. The variety of programs chosen is reflected in the diversity of our student body.

Others choose alternative paths to success such as military, work, internships, and gap year programs. All Assets graduates have a clear transition action plan, knowing their next steps and carrying with them a toolbox full of strategies that will help them succeed.

Our required guidance course allows students to explore themselves more deeply as learners, and discover the various types of options that are available after graduation.  Students prepare for the college application process by creating relevant pieces such as their personal statement and an updated resume or portfolio. Students also practice advocating for the supports they will need in college by identifying those supports, and making contact with a support office.

Experience gained through placement at local businesses in the mentorship program enhances students’ awareness about themselves, the work world, and how they can transition into a professional environment.

Seniors are supported through our advisory program, and individual and small group counseling with Ms. James. Through advisory, seniors prepare an end of year presentation about their learning journey that incorporates their transition plan and a clear understanding of their strengths, challenges, interests, and needs. 

We currently use Naviance, a comprehensive college and career readiness solution that helps  align student strengths and interests to postsecondary goals, improving student outcomes and connecting learning to life. 

Parents and guardians are important partners in the process, and are provided workshops about college financial aid, the college search, and application process. Students are encouraged to schedule an appointment with their parents and the college counselor during Spring of Junior year. Parents and guardians are encouraged to contact me any time they have questions regarding the post secondary transition process.

Explore our college and career corner website for more detailed information about the transition to college; including detailed timelines, college financial aid, scholarship search tools, college entrance testing (SAT and/ or ACT), resources for college search, and more.

I look forward to working with you!


Farris James
College Counselor