High School

students sitting around laptop in front of a tree

We focus on who we’re teaching before focusing on what and why.

We start where the child is, wherever that is — academically, emotionally, and even every morning. We invest a lot of time in getting to know every child every day— their family, their struggles, their likes and dislikes, their favorite super hero, their favorite ice cream, whether their favorite team won last night. We know them so we can teach them.

Human beings aren’t linear, so learning shouldn’t be linear either.

Assets teaches students how to learn: how to discover, ask questions, and find answers.

We get to know how a student learns, and we focus each student’s day around their personal strength. It’s called “strength-based learning.”  We call it common sense. And we ask questions.

Do you learn best...
Verbally? Visually? Spatially? Hands-on?

How is your learning impacted by...
Processing speed? Executive function?
Working memory?

Assets students don't fit the mold. They learn differently.

So we teach students self advocacy to find ways around learning challenges.  We teach students how to communicate, how to think critically, how to tap their personal creativity, and how to be a global citizen.

Assets helps students develop the self confidence, communication skills, and understanding that enables them to self advocate for their unique needs as a learner and an individual. 

Assets High School has a robust hands-on mentorship program that engages students in real-world scenarios every year of their high school experience. Each student works alongside mentors in fields ranging from science to medicine, public service to customer service, technology to rocketry, historic preservation to education.

Students learn leadership, problem solving, human resources, and time management. They hear the strength of their own voice and they discover the power of their own ideas.