The purpose of our Enrichment courses is to help students find their interests and develop their talents. Enrichments allow our students to spend as much time developing strengths as they do working to improve areas of struggle. The Enrichment classes take place at the end of the day to give students something to look forward to and to ensure that their last impression of school is one of them being a strong, capable learner. 

Our Head of School, Ryan Masa, deftly describes Enrichments in this blog post.

students playing chess
student launching rocket

Enrichment offerings include, but are not limited to:

  • Computer Technology: Minecraft, flight simulator, one minute movies
  • Cooking: students learn recipes and enjoy the fruits of their labor
  • Visual Arts: ceramics, stained glass, silk screening
  • Construction: lego building, Capsella, K'Nex, rocketry
  • Performing Arts: improvisation, Garage Band
  • Physical Activity: games & sports, basketball, flag football, yoga

Enrichment classes remind our students that learning is not confined to academic topics, but also includes hands-on, fun, and joyful experiences where their capacity to learn is validated.

"At Assets, nourishing a child’s strength is just as important as
providing intervention if they have an academic struggle." 
- Ryan Masa, Head of School