Woman in leis standing in front of a group of students and gestering with her left hand.

Assets School specializes in serving children and young people from age 5 to 18 years of age whose capability is greater than their achievement. We serve a variety of learners and individualize the program to ensure that each student is challenged and supported to maximize their academic potential.

Our curriculum is unique in that it is first informed by 'who' we teach as opposed to a standards-based approach driven by traditional content objectives. Through strong teacher-student relationships, the teacher gains insights into the way each individual child learns and identifies tools and strategies to help maximize those strengths and remediate and/or compensate for the student's challenges. 

Our teachers use a wide variety of methodologies that are multimodal and multisensory. We promote student driven learning opportunities such as project and problem-based learning. Threaded through this approach to instruction is an emphasis on study skills development (learning how to learn) and the Schoolwide Learning Expectations in the high school (goals that target academic, personal, social, and civic growth). 

Personalized Learning