Man with business attire with Honolulu in background.

At Assets School, we help our students with learning differences harness the power of possibility. It’s what they do every day. They stare down things that seem impossible, and with the right team and the right focus, they get it done.

Similar to our students, Assets is unique and distinctive. Our students are what I like to call ‘GQ’ kids – gifted but quirky. They’re not going to find themselves at public schools across the state, or even at other private schools. They need Assets. And our world needs them and all their gifted, quirky talents.

As a leader in education, Assets gives our students the knowledge, skills, and capabilities to live rich and meaningful lives, advance in their chosen careers, and improve the communities in which they live.

Small classes, multi-sensory curricula, and structured behavior management programs allow students to maximize their potential and find their places as life-long learners in school and society.

Allow us to show you a school filled with exceptionally bright students who are succeeding in an environment that is truly student focused.  We are located on two campuses - one for our K-8 students and the high school for grades 9-12 - where you will find happy students engaged in their learning.

What we do here changes lives, changes families, makes possible opportunities that parents thought might never come to their children. I appreciate you taking the time to learn about Assets, and I look forward to having the opportunity to personally greet you when you come and visit.



Paul Singer